Thursday, October 29, 2009
For designers of both CU and PU scrap kits...
Tagger and personal size to join our monthly blog trains :)
So this is how this train works----
...There is a monthly theme for a train
...You sign the database if you wish to participate that month {now I know sometimes last minute stuff comes up and that's fine..just keep me informed so you aren't on the blog list if not going to have anything up}
...There is a color palette for everyone to work from so everything kinda runs together.
...It can be most anything...word are, quick pages, scrap kits, CU items....etc....use ur long as it goes with the train theme
...There is no minimum or maximum to contribute
...I do ask that your contributed item remains free and downloadable for that month...after u may do as u wish
...I don't want to limit my train to any one 'concept' I want everyone to be able to play
Right now it's just I have no idea how many people we'll have for the first one...But if everyone who joins during round one...helps get the word out'll be huge before we know it....
December's train goal is to have 20 participates. :)
I'll also be looking for an assistant in there as that there's 2 of us with eyes to keep track of everything....there will also be a blog for it that is the main station headquarters :)...and, as always...I'm open to ideas :)



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I'm the owner of InToXxiKaTed InTenTionZ and this blog train is not only for our sellers, but for anyone wishing to participate. You can always contribute whatever you like, nothing too small or too large. We have monthly themes, palettes and a yahoo group. JOIN OUR TRAIN! Contact me: