Wednesday, December 2, 2009

January is almost here. This year has really flown by.
I know that many of us have had a really terrible year & that is never easy. But...January 2010 gives us a New Beginning.

Even with the matter how bad, there is always the good that you can make of it. I have seen families who had no idea
of where their next meal would come from or how they would provide Christmas to their families....still be happy....because of the love that they held for each other. To me, they have more than some of us ever will.

Perhaps this year it's the time to teach our children...and maybe even ourselves...that it's not what you can's what's in your heart.

So this January let's commit to a New Beginning of family first.

With that said...
our January 2010 train is calle
d: New Beginnings
Take off date will be set by tomorrow or the following day.
We ARE still looking for more creaotrs to join. We have already had a GREAT run with downloads for our very first train.
To join our train, please go HERE

And here's our January palette.
See you soon....& Happy Holidays ♥



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