Saturday, August 28, 2010
Well, I'm almost organized again.

So, here's the rundown...

I'm going to work on a yahoo group {yahoo is glitching tonight} & get albums up and all the info set for ALL of 2011. When I have themes & Palettes set, I'll start working backward through 2010 and see if maybe we can get a train or two in this year.

If you have theme ideas and/or train name ideas, please email me with them @

if you'd like to advertise your sales {or if you like to see what sales different stores and designers are having}, you can join my new yahoo group HERE. This is ads ONLY.

On another note, if you make freebies, I started a freebies only yahoo group as well. So if you like to snag or if you like to share, please feel free to help me get THIS group going.

More details on the train coming soon!
I hope that you all have enjoyed your summer. ♥



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